Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Super Bowl Sunday Can Teach Us?

Having Just Finished Reading (on Audible) "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki I was impressed by his analogy of finding customers was akin to bumping into them in a crowded street.

This Blog goes beyond than docile confrontation to the Idea that 5th Avenue believes the only way to reach us with a AD message is to knock us down.

More akin to Hit and Run.

I don't like the like the Idea that the best marketing Ideas must only come Once-A-Year during the Super Bowl.

They must think we're Real Dummies the rest of the time and not worth their Best Efforts.

So here's the Starting Line-Up of

ELO's Most Annoying Commercials:

The List:
"Creepy Baby Talking Like Adults" (Yeah, I Believe That!)

"Cable Company Hates Dogs..."

"Ice Creamy Cake Jokester..."

"Big Pharma's medical cures for Depression..."

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  1. Right Now "Ice Creamy Cake Tops the List, but I'll Post Other Front Runners and Then We'll Start a Tally-Ho of the Results.