Thursday, November 26, 2009

Running Over Blu Ray Players: The Top 3

Running Over Blu Ray Players: 

The Top 3

LG BD370:

Panasonic DMP-BD60K:;txt

Samsung BD-P1600:;txt


Happy Thanksgiving Day from Wingman, If You Get One of These Blu Ray Players, you'll be Thankful for a Long Time...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thumpers, and Mannequins Creep Up The List of Losers

Thumpers: They usually come with Car Commercials or anything on the Hard Sell Soap Channel.

The Volume Goes Way Up For These Distractrions (Even though the FTC says they "really don't")...Yeah Right!

I have a hard time with Sales People trying to sell me something, I'm sure Not Going to Listen to a Dummy (mannequin) Hype me!

Cartoon Salesman: 
The Honda Cartoon Salesman doesn't have a chance either, especially when he taps on the TV screen.

No Wonder Everyone wants to go to the WEB.

Wingman, just saying....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Super Bowl Sunday Can Teach Us?

Having Just Finished Reading (on Audible) "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki I was impressed by his analogy of finding customers was akin to bumping into them in a crowded street.

This Blog goes beyond than docile confrontation to the Idea that 5th Avenue believes the only way to reach us with a AD message is to knock us down.

More akin to Hit and Run.

I don't like the like the Idea that the best marketing Ideas must only come Once-A-Year during the Super Bowl.

They must think we're Real Dummies the rest of the time and not worth their Best Efforts.

So here's the Starting Line-Up of

ELO's Most Annoying Commercials:

The List:
"Creepy Baby Talking Like Adults" (Yeah, I Believe That!)

"Cable Company Hates Dogs..."

"Ice Creamy Cake Jokester..."

"Big Pharma's medical cures for Depression..."